FM WhatsApp Download Kaise Kare Latest Version

Most people do not know about FM WhatsApp, but there are many people who use FM WhatsApp a lot like WhatsApp and may have heard its name for the first time.

A large number of people use WhatsApp App in India, but when we use WhatsApp, we feel the need of such feature, by using which we can run Whatsapp in a better way.

So today we are going to provide you complete information about FM Whatsapp like what is FM WhatsApp and how to download it as well as how to update and what are the features etc.

FM WhatsApp Download Kaise Kare

FM WhatsApp is a Messenger app just like Whatsapp and it is a MOD APK of official Whatsapp which you can use like WhatsApp but it has more features than official Whatsapp.

The full form of FM WhatsApp is “Fouad Mokdad WhatsApp”. The name of this app is because the name of the developer of this app is Fouad Mokdad.

FM WhatsApp has more and more good features than the official WhatsApp, this app has taken full care of the privacy of the people, in this you have been given features like Hide last seen, Hide blue ticks, Chat Lock feature, so that your data remains secure.

FM WhatsApp Download


You do not find FM WhatsApp in Google Play Store because it violates the policies of Google Play Store, because of this you cannot download it from Google Play Store but it is not very difficult to download FM WhatsApp Downloading FM Whatsapp Very easy.

Before installing FM Whatsapp in your phone, you have to take a backup of your official Whatsapp and kill it and due to the backup, we can restore our chats later.

But if you install FM WhatsApp on your phone without deleting the official Whatsapp, then you may get to see the error.

To download this app, you have to follow the following steps, after which you will be able to download its APK file and install it on your Smartphone easily.

Step 1- First of all, search by typing “FM Whatsapp Download” in Google search.

Step 2- Click on the first website and download the APK file.

Step 3- Install the download file on your phone by clicking on the Install button.

Step 4- If there is a problem with Unknown Sources, go to Settings and enable Unknown Sources.

In this way, you can easily download and install FM WhatsApp on your phone, if there is a problem of Unknown Sources after installing the APK file, then you go to the phone’s security setting and turn on Unknown Sources and install the app again.

FM WhatsApp Feature

FM Whatsapp has more features than the official Whatsapp App, due to which the fun of running FM Whatsapp is doubled. The following features have been given in FM Whatsapp.

1. Hide Last Seen- With the help of this feature you can be last joined do you no one know how when you will open whatsapp first.

2. Hide Blue Tick – With this feature you can hide blue ticks as if they were familiar, as if they were familiar.

3. Anti-delete message- This feature will not be suitable for this feature to be invoked as you will be able to message correctly as shown.

4. Can make the deleted message read-read.

5. Show Blue Tick after Reply – This feature ️

As is the teacher.

After this, when you reply to that message when you get time, then a blue tick is put in it, so that the sender of the message feels that he has just seen the message and has replied immediately and he has to reply to the message late. None.

6. Change Theme- Make changes to official WhatsApp and they are subject to change.

7. No Need to Save Number- To send you message in official WhatsApp, it is necessary to have someone’s mobile number saved but in FM Whatsapp you can send message to anyone without saving the number.

How To Update FM WhatsApp

As told before you are the MOD APK of FM WhatsApp Official Whatsapp, because of this we cannot download it from Google Play Store.

Due to the non-availability of this app on Google Play Store, people face a lot of problem in updating FM WhatsApp, but we are going to tell you such a way, with the help of which you can easily update FM Whatsapp.

To update FM WhatsApp, you have to download its updated version, if your version of FM WhatsApp is old, then you are informed to download the new version and an option is also given in it, by clicking on which you can download the new FM WhatsApp can do.

But if your FM WhatsApp does not get the notification to download the new version, then you have to follow the following steps to download its updated version.

Step 1- First of all, search by typing “FM Whatsapp Download” in Google search.

Step 2- Click on the first website and download the APK file.

Step 3- Wait 15 seconds and download FM Whatsapp APK File.

Step 4- Download APK File Using FM Whatsapp

Question – Is Whatsapp a better FM than Whatsapp?
Answer – FM Whatsapp has more features than normal Whatsapp, which makes it even more special, it has such features which we always need like reading deleted messages.

Question – Is it safe to use FM Whatsapp?
Answer – Many people have the same thing about FM WhatsApp but let me tell you that FM WhatsApp is absolutely safe and no malware has been found in it yet.

Question – Who is better between GB Whatsapp and FM Whatsapp?
Answer – GB Whatsapp and FM Whatsapp both are MOD APK but GB Whatsapp is very old MOD APK and both the apps are good in their place.

Although FM Whatsapp is more secure than GB Whatsapp in terms of security and people also like to use FM Whatsapp more, in this post we have tried to give all the information about FM Whatsapp but if any information is missed or otherwise If you have any question related to FM Whatsapp, then you can ask in the comment.

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